Total Linux®

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Bluepoint generates funds for its various Open Source advocacy and development projects through public course offerings. Our continuing education programs provide advanced and comprehensive training in Linux and Open Source.

Qualified applicants enjoy quality course content, certified and highly competent instructors, credits toward Bluepoint Certified PHP Developer™ (CPD) and Bluepoint Open Network Engineer™ (ONE) certifications, and subsidized training fees.

duration120 hours
focusLinux system and network administration
prerequisitesLinux Express® or equivalent experience
distributionsFedora and CentOS
credit towards certificationOpen Network Engineer™
investmentPHP 49,350.00 NON-VAT
early birdPHP 46,882.50 NON-VAT

Linux® is an Open Source, full-featured, powerful and robust UNIX-like operating system based on the initial work of Linus Torvalds from the University of Helsinki in Finland. Since 1991, his work was extended and ported to many platforms by a worldwide community of software developers. Today it runs everything from embedded systems to nuclear submarines. Linux also powers Wall Street, the London Stock Exchange, the CERN supercollider, and NASA's supercomputers.


Total Linux® is a comprehensive, hands-on Linux training program using the latest kernel and Fedora release on 64-bit hardware. This flagship course covers intermediate to advanced Linux system and network administration, security and optimization. It helps prepare students for Linux Professional Institute (LPIC), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certifications.

Started by Bluepoint in 1999, Total Linux is the most respected and highly recognized Linux training program in the Philippines.


Linux Concepts
Installation and Configuration
X Window System
Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
Logical Volume Manager
Shell Commands
Shell Scripts
Task Schedulers
Resource Limits
Disk Quotas
System Security & Optimization
Kernel Building & Optimization
OpenSSL Toolkit
OpenSSH Connectivity Suite
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Linux Firewalls
Squid Caching Proxy Server
Network File System
Common Internet File System
Linux Virtualization
Sendmail Mail Server
Postfix Mail Server
Dovecot IMAP and POP3 Server
MySQL Database Server
PostgreSQL Database Server
OpenLDAP Database Server
Apache Web Server
Very Secure FTP Daemon
High Availability Clustering
High Performance Clustering

Practical Exam P1 (2 hours)
Written Exam W1 (1 hour)
Practical Exam P2 (3 hours)


The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from Linux Mark Institute, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world-wide basis. Fedora and CentOS are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc.


Rito Neil Yee
Monday, 12 June 2006, 6:50 AM
510 words, 3-minute read
My name is Rito Neil Yee, my friends call me Neil for short. I am from the Visayas specifically the City of Dumaguete.

How I got to know Bluepoint was a stroke of luck, I happen to stumble upon an email sent out to ISP operators in the Philippines by Bluepoint. In the email contained an invitation to check out Bluepoint's Linux courses. I was looking for ways to fast track my knowledge in this cool operating system and didn't know where to turn to, so the email was just what I needed to get started.

I took my Total Linux class at Bluepoint in 2000, I believe we were Total Linux Class 3. That same year I left for the United States to try my luck on greener pastures. The training I got from Bluepoint helped me land my first job edging other candidates with the Linux skills I have on my resume. Back then Windows NT was the OS of choice for the uninitiated. The company's network was Microsoft based. The Internet was really getting popular and I was presented with challenges to get the company up to speed with internet commerce. Cost was not so much of a concern but stability and security was.

I started migrating DNS services to Bind since the NT servers were needing a reboot every week. This was due to DNS service on NT just stops responding for unknown reasons. Then we took on the challenge of migrating our ecommerce site which was written on Cold Fusion with the CF Server running on top of IIS. When I got on board with the company a Cold Fusion site was already under heavy development and in fact I was hired together with 2 other Filipinos that were Cold Fusion developers as well. Fortunately Cold Fusion had a port to run under Linux and Apache. The only Microsoft product that had to remain was MS SQL server 7 which was running on a Quad Processor HP LXr8000 with Xeon 400Mhz processors. After successfully migrating DNS and Web servers the company saw the stability and performance of Linux and recommended that the Email servers be migrated as well. For this service I had deployed a Qmail+Courrier Imap+MySql+Squirrelmail combo, that gave me a complete email server package with Webmail access, Imap, POP3, SMTP with ClamAV antivirus scanning and more.

Since then we had upgraded our Linux installs to the latest kernels and disto versions. Our hardware platforms have also been upgraded to the latest and greatest. Currently we are evaluating Asterisk to add on to our list of Linux Centric services.

The company is happy with our network performance and they have been grateful for my Linux skills which I never would have been confident to implement have I not had the best training. My greatest appreciation to the men and women of Bluepoint Foundation for their dedication to higher education for without them I would have been just another one of those (so so) system administrators.
Eric Jancinal
Tuesday, 13 June 2006, 8:31 AM
361 words, 2-minute read
I was introduced to Linux on my first job as a member of the technical group of a start-up Internet service provider in 1996. Back then, I had an overview of how Open Source tools could be effectively utilized to connect several networks on a national level. We were using Slackware Linux together with the early versions of BIND, Sendmail, Apache and Squid. But unfortunately, I was only limited to installing Linux on the servers of our clients so I had very minimal system administration skills.

I was already on my third job as a network administrator for a solutions provider in 2001 when I friend showed me Bluepoint's website. After browsing through the coverage of the Total Linux course and after 1 week of thinking, I decided to resign from my job and enroll in the course.

Sir Engels told us on the first week of the course that we should prepare for an "under the hood" training. And rightfully so, by the second week, we were already installing and configuring packages on Redhat Linux 6.2 not via GUI but through command-line interface! Through his clear instructions I was able to piece together the functions of different Open Source tools and also realize their true potential as alternatives to commercial solutions.

After finishing the course, I was also fortunate to be given a chance to conduct my own Total Linux class. It was a real challenge to prepare each lesson and exercise for 4 days a week for more than two months! Joey Gaddi and I also had a chance to share our Linux skills with different school-based IT professionals of Region 8 in September 2001.

Enrolling in the Total Linux course proved to be a right move for me because it reinforced my knowledge in Linux and other Open Source tools. It also prepared me for consulting and training opportunities that are offered to me from time to time.

I thank Ma'am Magie, Sir Engels, and Sir Eddie for all the opportunities they have given to me and I wish to congratulate them, together with the entire Bluepoint Team as well, on their 7th year anniversary!
Carlos Yu
Monday, 19 June 2006, 2:56 AM
127 words, 38-second read
I enrolled in Bluepoint's Total Linux course in June of 2001. Aside from learning Linux through a well-designed course, I also made a lot of new friends - sharing our enthusiasm for Linux, as well as other aspects of life. But what stood out in my mind, were the people behind Bluepoint: Magie Antonio, Engels Antonio, and Eddie Salonga. Their passion and dedication to making world-class Linux training accessible to under-privileged Filipino students is inspiring and infectious. Most of the alumni I have met (including myself), have volunteered to either train, fund, or help organize Bluepoint's free training seminars to advocate the use of Open Source technology all over the Philippines.

Carlos J. Yu
Chief Information Officer
Rustans Supercenter Inc. (Shopwise)
Chivas Sicam
Thursday, 22 June 2006, 4:55 AM
174 words, 52-second read
I took up Bluepoint's Total Linux course last 2002 and time and again, what I've learned are still relevant today. Why? The course was developed with security and performance in mind.

In less than two months, I was able to learn the best practices in setting up Linux as a server:

Installing Linux at a bare minimum

Removing standard and unnecessary programs, files and folders

Protecting critical files and folders

Compiling server software and the Linux kernel from scratch with optimized settings and necessary features only

Installing servers in a jailed environment

Designing and implementing a paranoid firewall

Aside from the hands on lecture, we also had the toughest practical and written exams.

This quality training helped me obtain a score of 100% in my RHCE exam last March 2005. The first person I thanked was of course, my instructor, Engels Antonio of Bluepoint Institute.

Chivas Sicam
Senior Science Research Specialist
Eleazer Caramancion
Friday, 12 April 2013, 4:07 AM
211 words, 1-minute read
Being new to the Open Source system, I took the Total Linux class in Bluepoint last January 2013. A friend of mine told me about Bluepoint and decided to enroll. The money I paid for was truly worth every penny. I've learned a lot from this class from concepts, administration down to security. It not only gave me the freedom in w/c other OS do not offer but it also let me be in control. I am always excited to attend the every class and there were never a dull moment in discussions. All topics are very interesting and related.

As a system administrator in one of the biggest broadcasting companies in the country, it made me realize more the value of being a true administrator. I am currently exploring Fedora 17 and started to influence some of my friends already. I plan to apply what I learned from the class to my work environment because I know it will be very beneficial and cost effective.

Thank you so much Sir Engels for being a great teacher and also I Thank God for the people who created Linux and Fedora.

Eleazer S. Caramancion
System Administrator Supervisor
TV5 News and Information Department
Jose Eduardo Hernandez
Tuesday, 5 April 2016, 12:30 PM
125 words, 38-second read
I took the Total Linux class to supplement the skills I've already learned in my VOIP company. What I did not expect, however, was to be flooded with knowledge outside of Asterisk. On finishing the course, I had the know-how and the confidence to seek a systems administration job. I did, and the financial rewards are outstanding.

I owe this to Bluepoint and more. Potential students, know that you are in good hands at this school, and with a little self study and a lot of willpower to succeed, you CAN become an excellent administrator!

I wish you all the very best!

Jose Eduardo Hernandez
Lead VOIP Engineer / IT Help Desk Manager®
Carlo Isidro
Wednesday, 7 March 2018, 5:53 AM
164 words, 49-second read
Way back in 2010, I took the Total Linux course under Sir Engels Antonio.

During that time, I was only expecting to learn Linux. However, this course offers more!

To be transparent and direct, technology will always be the same regardless of the operating system (that is, it helps make our life more productive), but the difference here is on how in-depth and passionate the instructor (in this case, Sir Engels) is in conveying the technical information to all his students/trainees.

Up to this date, the concepts I learned from this course are still applicable (past 8 years already!) and the passion/dedication I experienced/learned from Sir Engels is greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to Bluepoint Institute of Higher Technology creating more competitive Information Technology enthusiasts especially in the Open Source arena!

All the Best!

Carlo Isidro
MCP, MCSA, MCSA: Security, MCSE, MCSE: Security, VCP5-DCV, MCPS